Thursday, January 20, 2011

To My Poor Excuse Of A Father

To My Poor Excuse Of A Father<3
Dear "dad"
 Your the Best, yet worse father I have ever had, your the only father I have ever had. I remember all the things you use to say, all the cruel things you use to tell me. I remember all the times where I would stick up for you to mama, and tell her your here, and you love us. I remember all the pain; the tears that I felt. You treat me like I'm DIRT. I try, and try and try to get you to show that you care for me; that your proud of me. But you never do. Its hard, because most kids have there fathers to talk to, but me, no... I have my blog. You treat me like i'm nothing, you freak over everything, Yet I was the one who was always there for you, I was the one who stood by your side in times of need, I was the one who saved YOU from ending your life. Guess what "daddy" You always tell me to pack my Sh** and get, well i'm going. It may not be right now, or in this year, but when I'm older, and more mature; with the money I need Im leaving, Im going to Brazil, and I'm going to meet this guy, and get out of this house. And then you will REGRET ever telling me to go. And we all know it. I hate you dad, i really do. But i don't want to. I love you daddy, i truly do, but its so hard too. Its funny, I remember back when I first came here, I did EVERYTHING for you, I rubbed your back; I cooked; I cleaned. Everything. But i got nothing in return, no "thanks bugs" Or no "good job hun." All I got was a sigh. Then you met cathy, things got a little better. You treated me right, for about a year. And i loved it. Then... Things changed between you two. And after about 2 years of being together, in a matter of speaking, you went and started to act different. Towards everybody. Me, Kassie, Cathy. EVERYONE. You treated me like I'm nothing again, you treated kassie like a queen. And cathy, like... well... I dunno. Now, Its 2011. You might be dating the neighbor sue. You like her, She "Likes" you. BUT the thing is, your changing... for the worse. Daddy, because of you, i have thought about things, about things  teens shouldn't think about. I will NOT do it. But it hurts just as bad to think about it. I love you daddy. With all my heart, no matter how bad you treat me, Im sorry that you hate me, i try so hard to make you proud. I pull on a face for you. I'm in school for you. Im going to go to college so you can be proud of me. but no... it wont work will it): and now that kassie is pregnant, its all about her, yet your still a dink. You don't care about that baby inside of her, Its YOUR grandchild dad. YOURS... Your gonna be a real Grandpa for once. but you don't care do you. UGH... Why do you HATE me SOOO much? What have i ever done to deserve this. Im sitting here, typing this, and tears are coming like rain, and this hurts so much. Im sorry daddy... I truly am.

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